What do Finnish Innovation Systems need? Antti Hautamäki, Prof. Emer.

International studies on Finland’s innovation system show relatively strong developments. Finland’s investments and results are on par with other OECD countries. R&D intensity is the highest in the world. This is true in particular for R&D staff numbers and… Läs mer!

iStubb2 – Losing your keys is no fun…

A few weeks ago, I lost my house keys, my bicycle lock key, the whole bunch, all hanging from a steel ring on green cotton loop. I went to the police station. They had a thousand keys in big… Läs mer!

Book Review: “What Finland Keeps Quiet About” Esko Seppänen, journalist and politician

Esko Seppänen (born 1945) is a thoughtful a left-wing politician, journalist, and writer who has been a member of the Finnish Parliament and of the European Parliament. I remember reading his two first books in the early 1970’s “Finland… Läs mer!

Död åt managerialismen

”Halleluja! Chefen är ledig (eller bortrest), äntligen kan jag jobba!” Låter känslan bekant? Ju större organisation, desto fler chefer och möten, desto mer rapportering och mätning. Interna processer, kontroll och rädsla får övertaget. Tid blir sällan över för  meningsfullt,… Läs mer!

Wind energy equipment – Moventas, and The Switch – Safe harbors found after storm winds…

15.2.2016. Finland, like Sweden, has a really long history of mining in their own backyard. Iron ore and other metal ores have been mined throughout both countries for centuries. The mined minerals have spawned metal production and skills in… Läs mer!

The Slush Collection – VuoLearning Oy Converting documents into mobile learning

8.2.2016. I interviewed Johanna Pellinen, CEO of Vuolearning www.vuolearning.fi at SLUSH and was amazed at how a small team of smart students could produce an outstanding application that significantly improves the efficiency of teaching almost any field of science… Läs mer!

Nya Karolinska and privately funded hospitals… a fools paradise

SvD revealed in June 2015 that the New Karolinska Solna is not just SEK 8-10 billion more expensive than planned. It is also at least two years behind schedule. Nevertheless, the finance councilor,  Torbjörn Rosdahl (M), keeps on repeating that ”the… Läs mer!