On Multiculture; can we agree with our PS friends?

1. I was borne in England in 1948, where Brits are comfortably at home in their castles. But I am not really a True Brit. I have been tainted if you consider that Britain is a country where Vikings, Romans, Italians, Spanish, French, and Germans have all left their mark; and of course we should not to ignore the colonies like the West Indies, India, America and Hong Kong, Rhodesia, Canada, Australia, etc… It is really awful that Brits can still call themselves Brits with all this unpleasant exposure.
2. Of course I am a true Finn, a proud holder of a Finnish passport. But am I? My British heritage has been already been tainted by living in Britain. Not only that but I have been exposed to horrifying and mind changing experiences after working in 5 other countries the last 45 years. Even though I have managed to learn Finnish manners and its unique language; or languages, because isn’t Swedish part of the historical true Finn heritage, can I ever be considered to be a Finn?
3. So I must examine True Finns – many are Protestants, of which there are a fair number, and some are Orthodox parish members (Jewish and Greek/Russian ones, all part of the family too) and even some Catholics God forbid that Italian influences are creeping into religion here. But the big PS boy is a Catholic and I suppose we have to accept some seepage into the system. But then you have to recall that good old Protestant, Orthodox (Greek or Russian) religions are all based on the same story from the New Testament (hardly very Finnish) about Jesus, borne a Jew in a geographical area that is in the middle of the Middle East, from where many refugees are now fleeing to our shores. And good Christians, like we are, should help, or not. I am not quite sure about True Finn religion but I thought that Christians of all sects, tribes and parishes should be charitable, the Good Samaritan, etc…
4. After this exhausting tirade, which is in English, (a Non-Finn-True language recently tried out by one True Finn claiming privately to be a True Finn) I am wondering if anyone, anywhere can claim to be a True Anything…



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